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Spouses, parents and children of a French citizen, an EU citizen or an alien legally residing in France can get a stay permit. Various possibilities are offered :

Nb : it concerns family member that are not EU citizen.

  • Family of a French citizen

Spouses of French citizens have a right to a long stay visa and a family stay card as of right, absent fraud.

The spouse of a French citizen may obtain a 10-year residency card if the marriage was celebrated at least three years prior to the request for such 10-year card.

Children (less than 21 years old) of a French citizen also have the right to a residency card.

The parent of a French citizen may also request a residency card if it is established that the parent is financially supported by a French citizen.

  • Family of an EU citizen

Spouses and children (less than 21 years old or financially supported of an EU citizen may establish themselves in France with their spouses or parent and work under a residency card.

  • Family of an alien legally residing in France

A foreign person may sponsor their spouse and/or minor children to reside in France, if they legally reside in France for at least eighteen months. International marriages often present complex administrative problems. We can assist you in such questions.

Spouse of a stay permit holder with the reference « retired », having legally stayed in France with him/her, has a right to stay within the same conditions.

Spouses and minor children of the holder of a multiannual stay permit with the reference « passeport talent », « detached worker ICT » or « mobile/movable detached worker ICT » have the right to stay and work in France for the same time as the holder.

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