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With a strong knowledge in the applicable law regarding the stay permit, we assist our clients in the making of their request and provide a follow up in each step of the process.

Having a long experience in this field, we advise our clients on how to make their case stronger so as to maximize the chances to get a positive answer from the French authorities.

Since March 08th 2016, it exists two categories of stay permits : the temporary ones and the multiannual ones.

The temporary stay permit (issued for one year, renewable)

  • Stay permit for visitors
  • Stay permit for students
  • Stay permit for aliens doing an internship
  • Stay permit for private and family life
  • Stay permit for workers (long-term or temporary workers, independent workers)

The multiannual stay permit (issued for up to four years, renewable)

Those stay permits are new under French law. Such documents allow people to get a stay permit for more than one year without having to renew their status each year, as the temporary permits require to.

Multiannual stay permit issued after a first temporary stay card

  • Delivered at the time of the renewal of a first temporary card
  • Issued for the same reason (student, worker .ect.)
  • Has a duration of four years except for the students (time of validity = duration of the studies) and for the reference "private and family life" (two years or duration of medical treatment in the case of an alien who entered for health reasons)

Multiannual stay permit with the reference "passeport talent"

  • Delivered upon the first authorization to stay in France
  • Aim at promoting the entry of aliens due to their diplomas, working experience, economic investment or reputation in a specific field such as science, literature, intelligence, education or sport
  • People concerned are workers with a French diploma (master), workers recruited by a specific company, high qualified job, researchers or university teachers, investors, artists.ect
  • Last for four years except for the high qualified jobs (duration = date of the work contract).

Multiannual stay permit with the reference "seasonal worker"

  • Last for maximum three years (6 months/years maximum)

Multiannual stay permit with the reference "detached worker ICT"

  • Workers transferred in France for the purpose of a specific mission
  • Duration of the permit = duration of the mission (maximum 3 years)

Each case has its own requirements and process. We can advise you to determine which stay permit best suits your profile and help you through each step.

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