Immigration and Nationality Law for the USA > Work Visas

  • VISA "A": diplomatic/state official or employee of a foreign government, with family and domestic
  • VISA "C": transit visa
  • VISA "D": crew members of an air or sea vessel
  • VISA"G": a person on official public business in the U.S.
  • VISA "H-1A": seasonal agricultural workers
  • VISA "H-1B": persons recruited for temporary work resulting from a worker shortage
  • VISA "H-3": professional interns in an American company or subsidiary of a foreign company
  • VISA "J-1": non-academic training program
  • VISA "I": Representatives of the media (press, radio, television, etc.) for reporting and documentaries, upon presentation of a press badge. Employees of a foreign tourist office.
  • VISA "L": Managers and senior executives of multi-national groups, requiring the presence of a group relationship between an affiliate or sister company (minimum of one year of seniority in the group)
  • VISA "O": persons of outstanding national or international achievement in the sciences, the arts, sport, education or business
  • VISA "P": Artists and athletes performing in the United States in the context of an exchange program.
  • VISA "Q": Participants in certain cultural exchange programs offering practical training
  • VISA "R": religious workers

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